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the final chapter of the inlay story

It felt like an endless story and it was a bumpy road where the story took developed and turned up and down in strange twists. But now we come to the end of the poetic search for the perfect inlay. Yesterday, I placed the final order for the inlay, at a German company. The folded origami style paper, the black sheets of paper crumpled: all suboptimal. Nice as it may have looked, it was not protecting the contents, my precious flacons, good enough and it was too much work folding these inlays.

Thus, we will soon get a preformed inlay, perfectly matching the flacon, made from high durable polypropylene sheets. I wished I could have done it all with paper but this is the compromise we have to make.

The inlay comes with a velvet surface that feels like the fur of a desert poodle right after trimming. So soft and fine. So gentle.

The grey color fits with the metal box and presents the flacons well.

Now, the company that will produce them, needs to first make the metal mold, as they have made a wooden mold first. Then they will produce the inlay. And then they will ship it. And then my inlay journey comes to an end.

Picture to the left: A scan of the inlay with the rose vermeille flacon.