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The fluffy inner most of clementines

I got my new scanner. WOW. This thing scans so fine that I soon need a few new hard disks. But before I show you the pictures: Here a few its and bits that I forgot yesterday  -I forgot indeed to tell you why I get the scented cards done-. Thus let me answer the questions that I got asked in the comments section of yesterday’s post on the scented cards. I got the tests done by the company SCENTIS, and the tests turned out nice, and now I told them to produce the scented cards. Lots of them.

Actually, most of them will go to Italy into the perfumeries that have my products. It is an experiment, testing whether clients and perfumeries like them (I bet they will), and whether it is a good way of getting to know a scent. We do this for the launch of the Carillon pour un ange. But I do not think they will replace the  samples. Well, we will see. …Some will be available as gifts on my website, going together with orders and some will go to other places, such as shops where you find my products. But most of the cards will go to Italy.

If you rub the paper onto your skin, some of the scent transfers. But it does not compare to spraying a sample. It is more like a gentle whiff. As they come packed in little transparent bags (sized 80x 110 mm by the way) you can smell them without getting stuff onto your hands if you do not wish to get into contact.

And we got the design for the cards: They will come with a relief embossed. The tauer logo and my claim  IMMERSIVE SCULPTURES stick out as a relief. Kind of cool.

Finally, I want a Point of Sales Display done for the cards (think simple dispenser). I present our ideas for the POS display next week.

And now to the fluffy inner most of a cut clementine, seen by my new scanner yesterday, not optimized. Enjoy!