Linden blossomwhat's up?

there are no answers, only choices

The quote “there are no answers, only choices” is from Stanislav Lem’s novel Solaris. Removed from its context of exploring intelligent life beyond earth, it is a quote that I find fitting with and for a lot of aspects of life; and it fits with questions we ask, looking into the sky, in search for answers. Unfortunately there are none.

But there are choices everywhere. Nature works like that, in an endless series of error prone reproduction and selection. And as humans, we work like that, too. We have choices and by choosing we move forward.

This week, my choices are somewhat relevant. I will have to decide on how to inform my retailing friends and partners on the Linden blossom fragrance. Hopefully, by the end of the week, I will get most of the labels from the printing company. The green flacons should be delivered within the next two weeks. Thus, slowly but surely we should be a bit more specific. How and when I do so will influence for what price, by when and how the Linden blossom fragrance will hit the shelves. So far, I mentioned this upcoming fragrance only on the side, like here on my blog, without any pricing and design details. Thus, I need to choose the dates and price level now. And trust me: This is not easy.

You see… no answers, only choices.

Today’s picture shows you a cut through red cabbage, scanned. It could go for an alien brain.