what's up?

these days

These days there is more coming into the house of tauer than going out. It is the time of the year where we are sort of preparing for autumn. You know: Bottles, fragrances, and paper stuff. Summer is the quiet season, more or less. The more I am happy if some boxes get out of my way: This morning there will be another pick-up of an order and while I wait for the truck driver, I will make another shipment ready of stuff to go out next week, bottles et al. to fly over the Atlantic. The backpack is ready and soon I will hit the bike to head for the “factory”. I packed a couple of experimental scents as, this afternoon, finally!, hurray! I will meet to sniff these. The perfect way to start my weekend.

We will also smell my fresh aqua fidelis calone scentric iteration. I am very curious there…

Today’s picture shows you my end of work day relaxation exercise. A4, after sending off (more or less) the last email yesterday, after a looooooong day behind the computer, trying to get a couple of things done. Pictures, newsletter preparations, applications over the internet, and tons of mails.

This one is – in my opinion- actually pretty good. While painting I am just letting go and do my thing. I don’t see really “what” I am painting. A couple of hours later, I looked at it again and realized a couple of things: There’s Fibonacci’s spiral in there. Sort of guiding the eye to the center of the picture (not the geometric center).



Fibonacci’s Golden spiral ?


The orangeish stone is complemented by the bluish water/sky.

Sometimes, the same happens to me when I compose fragrances. They sort of “happen”; I type numbers into my excel where I write down a formula before I actually mix it, and sometimes, numbers are just flowing in there. Hard to explain. Then I mix it; when mixing a trial I always smell all ingredients from the bottles, and hence the nose gets pretty numb. Thus, after mixing, although I immediately smell the mixed fragrance, I usually do not get much. And the mixture has not matured, too. Then, after a week or more, I smell it again, and mostly it is not worth thinking too much about it, but just the invitation to try again and try differently. But sometimes, I smell it, “look at it”, the trial version, and “see” it. It is one of these happy moments of a creator, when you “see it” and when you smile because you see it turned out right.

Having said this: As creator you are mostly blind for what you do. Hence the importance of today’s sniffing session. Getting a thumbs up and/or a kick in the butt does good.

Another highlight yesterday: A discussion on fragrantica.com, initiated by a client who got a bottle of air du désert marocain, found a signed card inside and wondered, slightly confused “does he always do this?”.

Yes, he does.