time frozen

In Joshua tree, Border avenue, to the right, I think it was close to Canterbury, I came across the most interesting art installation imaginable in the semi desert. Piled left overs of civilization, desert art, neatly arranged, in a way it makes sense. Today’s picture shows you one detail of one object that is part of a larger installation there: A General Electric oven.

Its time froze shortly before nine. For some, the desert is frightening. For me it is a place where I can breath, grasp eternity and where I can come to peace. The desert puts things into perspective for me: The right perspective, of us being here for a very short time, being small and vulnerable. I highly respect the desert for being stronger than me and do not even argue with it (like when we lost track while hiking, we did and had to return…). In this context this art installation, a few acres filled with civilization and what civilization leaves, is actually perfectly located. I have to figure out the name of this place again. If you are in the area: Visit. It is spooky.

I love the design of this oven’s front. It looks end 50-ies, early 60-ies to me. They don’t make these things this way anymore. Now…. do not get me wrong. I do not want to go back there in time. I prefer the early 21st century with advanced cancer treatment, iphones and cars that have airbags. But there is some nostalgia coming up when I look at this oven front. Amazing how we human beings relate to objects. Like cars. Like Saab cars. Mine will be picked up today, in an hour and will be gone forever, not having survived the accident in Italy.

Or like flacons. Like old Tauer flacons. Yesterday, I finished the graphics for the label going onto the flacon and the box for the Cologne du Maghreb that we will bring as “trial version” end year. The label is more or less the same like the one from last year. I just wanted to add the term ALL BOTANICAL to it. Botanical means for me: No synthetics and no isolated molecules from natural sources. Thus, I had to have a closer look at the flacon, rectangular, simple, very simple, with a golden cap. I must have put ten thousand, or actually much more of these flacons into boxes. I still like it, a lot.

It is funny how we human beings relate to things.

Here is another picture of last year’s Cologne flacon: Enjoy!