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Tuberose sotto la luna is now also in the US

Yesterday, I finally sent the Tuberose sotto la luna newsletter out. If you did not get it, you can read it here. And yesterday, it went online in some US stores, and in my online store, and I read the descriptions, especially the one on Twisted Lily’s website. And because this text is good, I made a video that you can watch on facebook these days.

Here’s the thing: When I launch a scent, I always make a one page PR sheet, where I mention some notes and my idea behind the scent. What Twisted Lily did is simply amazing, and it highlights the difference between a creator’s mumbling and someone who gets inspired by what a scent is to him and her. And maybe it is also the difference between a native speaker and a Swiss guy trying to come up with text.

So all is fine and I am happy. And I am shipping discovery sets which is just wonderful, too. This set was and still is one of the best products that I have. Neat, nicely branded, thanks to my designer guru from Designer’s Club in Zurich, affordable and obviously a preferred choice for many to discover the fragrant world of Andy Tauer.

I placed an order with my discovery set box supplier a good month ago and I am still thinking about doing special sets there, but right now: Too much’s going on and I stick to what I have.

And guess what: I am thinking about new perfumes. I was on the phone with a perfumer friend and I told him that more’s to come and we both agreed: Crazy! But then: We all need a bit craziness these days.

And the Tuberose sotto la luna: Not to be missed, under no circumstances. It is good. And unique, mumbles the creator.

Have a great weekend!