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tulips again and books for a season

Here’s another tulip centric picture, somewhat optimized and polished for publishing. Since a week or so we get snow on a daily basis, mostly during the night, and it got sort of cold. It’s the time where we miss colors and hence a nice colored spot coming from the Netherlands makes all the difference!

As soon as I am done with this post, I will have to do some paper work (excel), and getting some shipments ready for tomorrow which ends up in paperwork, too. Or rather: computer work, as the papers are created online and printed afterwards. And, ironically, the more forms and information handling moves for you from physical paper to online input, the more papers you end up printing. The shift towards paperless offices really hasn’t happened, yet. Anyhow: I am looking forward to printing shipping papers soon: Commercial invoices, packing list, producer information, TSCA forms, and other informative papers.

When back in the factory for another labeling and bottling marathon, I will try to think about a statement I heard the other day from the head of a large book (printing) company. He said something like “while books used to be printed with centuries in mind, books are produced for a season these days. And a season is about half a year. ” I heard this while running forth and back in the house, and did not really pay much attention. But the longer the more, I think about it. Or rather: I come to the conclusion that the same is true for perfumes. And now I wonder what this tells us about us. I would have a few ideas for the next season.

Cheers from Zurich!