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under the moon end July

Today’s picture shows you the moon over Zurich, rising yesterday behind the trees. Sotto la luna: Me, with my Nikon, trying to keep it steady, and trying to find an optimum between underexposure and sharpness. I don’t own a tripod, and after what felt like 200 mails keeping the hand steady was quite a challenge. It was a tropical evening here in Zurich, and what the picture does not show you are the clouds behind me, holding the camera steady. As always, this picture shows you only half the truth.

Behind me taking the picture a thunderstorm was building up and 30 minutes later it started to rain, quite enjoyably, with the moon still sitting on a cloudless dark blue canvas.

I went to bed, with a drop of an undiluted remix of the rose “de Kandahar”, experimental still. I do this sometimes, impatient as I am, not wanting to wait these 1-3 weeks until a scent can go into an experimental dilution. I felt that I needed to work a bit on the latest mixture, on the base, adding a bit more strength, without destroying the rose that should continue blooming in the center. So I did version 3.3 . And a little drop went to bed, and still lingers on the arm. I mentioned it before: I take a break, two weeks, and when back, this rose goes into dilution.

While taking a break, I will think about a lot of stuff that needs to be figured out. Somehow. This rose that I just mentioned: Being a Christmas special. But how to do it exactly?Which bottle? How to offer it to retailers, to my perfume loving friends, and how to talk about it without falling into the many traps there are!

Sotto la luna -taking up today’s picture- will also be high, high, very high on the list. I had a great “show me yours and I show you mine” exchange of ideas, an open discussion, ground zero,  about what to do there with my designer super guru. Sotto la luna, and the scents that I have ready there; they ARE super important. Especially the fragrances. For me they mean a very big step forward. Some of the best, most interesting I have done so far (sorry, I am totally biased there, and not a bit modest). Thus, sotto la luna is important.

And so are two, three other scents that are ready and need a format, at least a window to showcase them, for the moment, as we cannot do everything all the time, not now.

When I am back from the break it will be August. And August means 1 month until Pitti Fragranze in Florence : more to think about. Basically, I need to start all over again in Italy. I am looking forward to that. But it is not easy. After a roller coaster year there.

And I am looking forward to yet another fragrant story, rising on the horizon: Ingrid. Tableau de Parfums’ third fragrant installation on and with Evelyn Avenue.

So you see: I need a couple of evenings under the moon to figure this all out. I hope to talk here on the blog, from time to time, in the next two weeks.

Thus, see you soon again. Au revoir!