what's up?


Good morning. Here’s an update of things happening around here. First things first: I will soon go to the factory, count the remaining bottles of Rose flash and will have to put Rose flash somewhen today on “out of stock” from backordered. It was/is quite a success. To be honest: I was not prepared and the flash sales mob resulted in sleep deprivation. But all orders that are on backorder state are now in the system and as soon as I shipped the remaining bottles to the US they will ship out automatically. Uff.

The timing for the newsletter and Rose flash was not optimal. Not really. But these days, timing is always tricky, and there is always another action line in conflict of whatever we want to do. Thus, my motto is: Just do it….

Thus, I will hit the factory again today, after a creative break day yesterday (an afternoon really), and get all ready for the shipment of Rose flash on Monday. And then I will go into thinking mode and try to make sense of it all. Rose flash was a fun idea. A lovely rose from the lab, seeing the light for a few days, and now we have to see. (…) I did not announce it big, really. I am worried a bit about all the messages that we will get once it is gone. But do not get me wrong: No regrets. Just a new challenge.

What is nice about rose flash, aside it being a great rose scent: It is like a white piece of paper, still. I can go in all sorts of directions there. The world is wide and open for Rose flash. What would you do now?

Yesterday was a great creative afternoon day, with the watercolor class, where we trained our line drawing, and did some perspective work. Trust  me: drawing lines is important and does not come just like that. You have to train your hand. Again and again. One of the line drawing trainings is today’s picture. Joshua trees, shadows of Joshua trees, under a blue sky, colorful. Very lively. I am not sure whether I like it, though. And, believe it or not, amidst all the Rose flash order entering work and stocking up and attending a shop opening and mails a gogo: There was time to work with scents. Another great idea… vanilla flash. Actually, I composed and worked on another scent. The vanilla flash work was just a dilution work, of the final vanilla trial that matured to perfection before. It is a bit a crazy vanilla.

The scent strip sits next to me since yesterday noon, and it blooms like crazy. You know: That’s actually quite a challenge: Create a scent that blooms on skin and has sillage and presence, when applied as a perfume, drop by drop, or roll by roll (the flash format is a roll-on).

So there you go: That’s the nice part of being a “little, niche, artisanal, indie, whatever” creator. You have the freedom to fool around.

The downside to it all: Sometimes, it is just a lot! of work. But that’s what we are here for: To get something done.