what's up?

very hot

well, you know: holiday season started in Europe, and everything is calming down; almost everything. The factory, where I label literally thousands of bottles these days, is steaming, though. But only in the morning hours. It is just getting too hot during the afternoon (no AC ). Thus, there is time during the afternoons to work conceptually. Which means: Doing this and that.

And when there is time, I paint. Sometimes, I am lazy there, and paint what is easy to me. It feels like creating a perfume with some amber, patchouli, vanilla and … bergamot and rose. It feels like things just fall into the right place. Today’s picture shows you such a “lazy painting” from yesterday.  The learning effect, the thrill and excitement and the training of one’s patience and coordination is close to zero, though.

But it fits perfectly with one of the perfume trials I have in the shelf: My ozonic breezy fresh aqua “fidelis” or however you want to call it.

But then… from time to time it is ok to pamper oneself. Right?