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Vetiver MD

The other day I got more vetiver, the real stuff, shipped from France, produced by “molecular distillation”. This distillation method gives rise to a special olfactive quality, where the gentle woody, vibrant citrus notes of vetiver come out and the rough earthy “dirty” olfactive quality  becomes secondary. It is still sitting here in the stock room, where it will get better. Not everything gets better over time, but vetiver sure does.

I do not use this quality in many scents (you’ll find it as a secondary line in PHI-une rose de Kandahar, though) but I felt I will need more in the future and was worried that it is not always available. Me thinks: Vetiver, the real thing, the natural ingredient, is one of those ingredients that are misunderstood and not appreciated for what it is. I am pretty sure that many would be amazed what vetiver really smells like, coming from what is sold as “vetiver fragrance”.

In many “vetiver” fragrance you do not get a lot vetiver actually, but vetiverol, one of the constituents of vetiver essential oil.

Anyhow: I have used this “super” vetiver MD in a couple of experiments, and I am sure there’s more to come. Because… it is sooooo good. Actually, it is so good that it feels like a perfume in itself, just asking for a few decorative elements before it can go into bottles. But for sure, I will not start new experiments this week: There is definitely too much going on this week (hence no post yesterday). Yesterday, I have sent 200+ kg of perfume packaging material over the oceans, and more of packaged perfumes needs to go there and north and east.

And then, … well, then I have a couple of funny side projects, that are totally low priority but that keep me busy; you know… the funnel (funny) projects. This week will see one of them going live. On tauerville, though, as there, on  tauerville, there’s a bit more room for funny, totally not important, but nevertheless totally relevant ideas.