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visiting a new supplier

Today, I am visiting a new supplier in Zurich, called Silac, and I should be witnessing sort of the birth of a new piece going onto my flacon. Exciting! The zero series parts will -once tested – be approved by me in the coming days and then hopp! we will start producing new cover tops for my flacon. The production will take some time, as it is a customized top, and as it comes branded, which means: another Tauer logo.

I will take my camera with me and hope to be able to shoot a few pictures, possibly when the thing comes out of the machine. I imagine the machine to be impressive, but am quite clueless, honestly.  I will share my impressions and pictures soon.

so… we will see! Today’s picture shows you me, or better: My shadow, on top of Griffith Park, overlooking Los Angeles. I always go there, jogging up Canyon Drive, all the way to the top and back again. It is a great spot and provides 360° overview. To the very right you can see Downtown LA. I picked today’s picture, as it illustrates sort of the big, very big, spreading out megapolis of Los Angeles. I feel it is quite appropriate to say that there is no market as competitive as the US market. For sure more competitive then the little Swiss homeland market where things move differently. And also quite differently competitive than the European market. Although, I would have a hard time pinpointing where the differences actually lie.

And with this, the post closes: The new top cover will help me to stay competitive, in this super competitive market of perfumes and fragrant things, where the scents are actually only one part of the calculation, where more and more brands and fragrances are entering the arena and want to graze on pastures that may be green but still are limited.