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waiting for TNT

We are waiting, for TNT to deliver essential oils (more dream stuff) from Australia, for quotations from France, for more Boswellia serrata being produced by CO2 extraction to supply me for next year, for a lot of things these days.

I am sure, I can already feel it, the end year tension. Everybody getting a bit tight, as everybody wants this or that before the end of the year. The same with me. You have a full year time to order this and that and then suddenly in November you think: “Oh, I should get this now, because I can safe on taxes this year” or because you just want to get your house fully stocked before the end of the year… And then you realize that time before the end of the year melts down like the glass in the oven of Waltersperger, where my next round of my bottles is being produced right now. We hope so at least.

And then you realize that everybody else thinks in the same line. Anyhow, no reason to complain. While we are waiting for TNT, we pour soaps. 200 more and counting down. And start worrying deeply about the truck coming in the next weeks, with 5000 tin boxes, because I do not know yet where to put them.

Today’s picture: molten glass at Waltersperger.