what's up?

we are starting shipping Lonesome Rider

Today’s picture could be me (isn’t me, though): Sleeping man. A quick pencil sketch that I did somewhen the last two days. It was pretty rough, getting ready to ship Lonesome Rider, getting orders out and last minute stuff, because…. well… because I go to Paris over the weekend.

A more or less private mission. With one business excuse to go there. Perfect.

I have shipped all European orders. The goods arrived in the US and there, my super shipper (not shipwire.com anymore) will start shipping Monday. As we got more orders than anticipated, way more actually, it will take 2, 3 days until all bottles are out. But they will go out and you know what: It feels fantastic to close this loop. Not that I would stop with the website www.lonesomerider.website. It is too much fun and I have plenty ideas. And I’ll continue the sample offering: Your price, 4$ US shipment. 

See you again next week. Have a great weekend.