what I am up to these days

I haven’t been posting for quite a while. Sorry. Here’s why….. Besides the daily routines of shipping orders, small ones like this one (see picture of today) which was basically a tuberose order, and shipping large orders to retailers, and the daily perfume packing routine in the factory (il faut s’imaginer Sisyphe heureux – you have to imagine Sisyphus happy), I was texting.

And, obviously, I cannot text different things at the same time. It’s like a writer’s block: Either this or that. I admire every blogger who keeps up with his or her writing. It needs a lot of discipline, especially when you run a blog on the side.

And I was keeping my supplier for fragrance raw materials and mixtures busy as I started ordering for autumn. Which, of course, feels totally odd at a time when the crocuses just started blooming on the veranda.

Thus, basically, the last couple of days were crazy and I had to compromise on a couple of priorities. Trying to get a touch more effective, I learned that my iphone is actually smarter than I thought. I tried the dictation tool that it offers. In English, French and German, answering emails by just talking into a magic stick. And wow! this little phone can do it these day, pretty accurately. Amazing. The smaller the sentences, the better (no , I do not dictate this text ….) and I guess I know now how Mr. Trump does his twitter thing. This, my dictation, and the bots make me feel very certain that we are heading towards big changes. Bots. A while ago I was on basenotes, reading a somewhat rough debate. And I would bet: A couple of the comments there were bot comments. Machine code, fake, artificial but human like. I came to the same conclusion on twitter and facebook, especially when reading discussions there about “politics”.

Thus, jogging through Swiss wonderland -like every Sunday- I imagined that in a few years from now, I might have a business bot, too. You know: Andy in digital. Ha!  From there I moved forward and came up with a story that needs to be writen. Title: Hail Bannon! A fiction story about a bot dominated post apocalyptic world.

I read a book a while ago where one chapter was dedicated to a very simple question: Is God in the internet? The answer is probably yes, be we have to bring God there. So there you go….

And coming back to the start of this post: I was not texting on the fiction story.