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when things make a difference

Today, I wanted to talk about the apricot in the upcoming PHI-une rose de Kandahar. But first things first: Here is an interview that I gave to Elena from Perfumeshrine, about marketing in perfumery, splits and decants, stories in niche perfumery and more. I found it important to speak out, be frank, and add to the discussion around perfume marketing, pricing and more. Contrary to many amusing and joyful likes  on facebook and quick statements, there is quite some discussion happening there, and I like this exchange, as much as I sometimes enjoy the quick hi and ho on facebook.  I hope that you will find it interesting, and not too depressing.

Thus, apricot. First things first: I have a soft spot for fruits in perfumery, and used a peach note in Rêverie au jardin, as I think peach and lavender are perfect matches. There is a big red raspberry in Rose Vermeille. Now, imagine how I felt when I put my hand on samples of all natural fruit extracts from Robertet. I got samples of peach, apricot, raspberry and pear and oh my… the apricot was so stunning. I had to buy. And did, 6 kg of apricot heaven. Totally not rational and quite an impulse buy to be honest.

Then secondly, I have to say that apricot extract smells fruity and floral and apricot like but there is much more going on: It is almost animalic, and there is something very twisted in this apricot extract. Think esters that by themselves might even smell … well not so nice, as many esters in high concentration actually do. The extract lasts quite long and is fruity floral big with a dark skin undertone.

Thirdly, as mentioned many, many times before: A perfume is more than just the sum of its ingredients. This is true on many levels. And as long as I cannot share samples with you, I am sort of restricted to talking about what went in the rose de Kandahar, knowing that it does not really help. In the fragrance, the apricot natural extract combines with the rose oil, the cinnamon, the bitter almond to something big floral fruity rosy plum apricot like. It supports, moves, and transports the fruity aspect of the natural rose oil, and it is a floral fruity juxtaposition to the woody tobacco story line that might be too dark, too masculine, too rough without the fruit.

Finally: the apricot adds a twist, sparkles of fruity happiness, that make the entire “tableau” more interesting. This is why I picked today’s picture: Imagine it without the dew droplets. It would be a boring shot of a few red leaves under a white sky with green-brown leaves dominating. With the dew droplets, the entire picture changes.

So there we go. Samples, full 50 ml flacons and explorer size (15ml) bottles will be available at the latest mid November, initially on exclusively.