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wild tomato

Today’s picture shows you my torture: waiting for the tomato seeds to do something. I got a couple of different breeds. I sewed one of them already, a “wild type from Peru”, supposed to give very small but very aromatic tomatoes. I was told that it can take up to 4 weeks to germinate. Thus, I have to be patient, which is not my core competence.

Another breed, called “Siberian early”, will follow next, and yes, Vladimir: We are all very curious how the “Siberian early” will perform…

Here, in the perfume house tauer, I  need to be patient, too. And at the same time, I am getting ready to sew for lat autumn “harvest”. I will have to do the calculations for the production formulas for autumns next Tauer Perfume offering. I tend to push this aside, as it this calculation is the first step towards production and once you pop you can’t stop. Autumn will see the next Sotto la luna fragrance, and – to be honest- I am a bit nervous there. In sense: Is it really right? Is the scent ready? Am I sure about it? It is always the same: There is always an uncertainty going with a new scent in the Tauer line. Another reason for Tauerville. There, I am more brave, and worry less. Anyhow: Somewhen these next days, I have to do the calculations for Tuberose sotto la luna.