what's up?

winter is approaching

Let me start here with a little haiku I am up the other day.


-A last yellow leave

Gliding through November light-

Winter is so near.-

The idea for the haiku came to me when I saw a yellow leave falling from a black branch of a tree in late afternoon. The picture of today shows you another leave that I picked in the woods after jogging. This autumn was spectacular.

Indeed, winter is approaching. With it come cold days, dark days and a pathologic longing for spring. I can already hear you; how nice it is to cuddle in the evening, drink tea and enjoy the season. To be frank: I rarely enjoy winter, except for a few moments of sun over snow and in the Alps. And it definitely lasts too long around here. I mean, common, it won’t be before end March that we can begin considering sitting for longer than 5 minutes outside on the balcony.  But, I guess there is no reason complaining: Change things or get used to them.

After a few days abroad, I am basically getting ready for the last few trips this year: Oldenburg, in Germany, where I will talk on artisanal and indie perfumery at the Duftcontor, and London, November 30, where I will talk about roses. And then there are the upcoming activities in December such as the advent calendar and the annual scent apero in Zurich.

Thus, I am looking in to 6 more interesting weeks this year and then, then I am ready for 2012. And spring.

When looking seriously into 2012, I am not really worried, but developed some sort of fatalism. The innocent observer that I am, totally untrained when it comes to economics and monetary policies, I cannot but see very clearly that we are heading for inflation. Big times. I mean: really BIG. Inflation is the last resort to get rid of debts and get the money from there where it (still) is: folks. When jogging yesterday, looking into 2012 and discussing what might be next in tauerville, where to invest with what and what scents to launch and not and so on, when discussing all these issues we wondered whether it might not be THE time now to run into depth. I mean really BIG depth. And maybe get property and farmland somewhere, like in a place where the sun shines and where it is warm. When the inflation hits we would at least have food and a nice tan. On a serious note: I unfortunately know some people these days who actually seriously consider exactly that: Getting farmland.

As we cannot change things anyhow, I guess we just wait until the first bank is run over and take things from there, then.

Besides these Armageddon thoughts, the jog was actually nice and thoughts meandered from flacons to patchouli and colognes and back. Thus, if you like colognes, the natural way, maybe you want to mark in your calendars the following: November 30 and indiescents.com.

And now we move on, looking into a sky full of yellow leaves. So pretty.