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Wood and Jeans

I will soon hit the road for Austria; culture on the horizon! And tomorrow, I take a day off, switching the Saturday with the Friday, for a hike. While doing so, and sweating under a late summer sun, I will continue thinking perfume. Hiking is always very inspiring. I can play with notes and amounts in my head,  build new lines and come up with entire fragrant empire without having to face these with reality by actually mixing.

There is nothing more thrilling that drawing scented castles in the air.

While searching for a nice picture going with today’s post, I came across the one you see to the left. I cropped the central part, wood and jeans. Actually, that picture is quite nice, with the blue and the beige tones, and “Wood and Jeans” or “in the wood with jeans” would be a nice perfume name. Kind of a male fragrance that complements the “Fruitchoulis” from last week.

So you see: It is an endless journey this perfumery journey.

Enjoy your day!