general thoughts

Your average Friday morning

Here’s my average Friday morning picture.

To tell you the truth and nothing but the truth: Friday, I am usually tired. And happy that this part of the week is over. Which is sort of strange, as I rarely do not work over the weekend. But heading into the “factory” Saturday is different: This Saturday, for instance, will see me getting some pictures done, of PHI-une rose de Kandahar, just hero shots, but still.

About todays picture: I shows you what I always do, early in the morning. Smelling something (And drinking coffee); usually, like in this picture, it is a scent strip that sits there for a couple of days and I see /smell how it is developing and how long a particular effect is there. You remember: Paper scent strips are like turning on the slow motion for a perfume. This picture is from the left side of the bench. The right side looks like there was a brown bottle tsunami coming from behind the computer. You see: I want my experiments near me, and am no good in cleaning up.

What’s next? Right now, waiting for the postman, expected to bring me raw materials for some experiments over the weekend. Then: preparing the palette for the next shipment going south, and waiting for the Fedex man picking up parcels. And while doing so: getting more scents into boxes. Yep: We are super busy these days.

Totally unspectacular, but still super exciting. Have a great Friday!