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Today is mixing day: Lonestar Memories. Right now: Pouring Ambreine, from my 5 liter aluminum can, a sticky, brown delight. Today’s picture shows you a drop or two sitting on top of the aluminum can with its wide opening. I got it from France, from Biolandes, and it is cistus ladaniferus heaven for me. Another […]

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delicate matters

This post is a bit delicate, as it is a bit critical and as Switzerland is not part of the EU (European Union) and hence I am describing a view of a part of the world from the outside. Some of you might not like this post, some of you prefer to read about roses, […]

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strawberries but no roses

Today, I am talking about one aspect that is a constant menace when working with naturals: Their availability. Today’s picture shows you a strawberry, scanned. I actually scanned it in 10500×10000 pixels and reduced the size later. Thus, you can see a lot of details when looking at the original picture and one of my […]

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time for a new batch

It is time for mixing a new batch of Lonestar Memories. Actually, it is more than time. I mentioned it a while ago that I shifted my stocking rhythm slightly towards a touch lower stock of everything. The reason: Cash flow, and instead of having money sitting on the shelves in the form of fragrance, […]

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sowing the seeds

I couldn’t resist picking today’s title for today’s post, shooting the right picture, and downloading the right tune on itunes… Yesterday, the W.-factor and me (finally!!!) were sowing some basil seeds. It is summer, and we decided that we need basil leaves with tomatoes later this summer and that Andy should make a pesto, again […]

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world in red

today’s picture shows you the Rhine Falls (Europe’s largest plain water fall near Schaffhausen, Switzerland), seen through a piece of red glass in the window of one of the observation desks. (the picture is proof of my 80 km biking trip yesterday) The world in red. But not seen in red through some sort of […]

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vanilla and Zeta

today’s image is a vanilla pod, scanned at super high res and back fitted again to allow presentation on the right side of this page. A lot of these, concentrated by carbon dioxide (CO2), are in Zeta, a linden blossom theme. We all know the taste and scent of vanillin, from ready made pudding, ice […]

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fir cone again and filling level in Tauer Perfumes

Yesterday, a bit longer into the night than actually expected, I “finished” the fir cone illustration. While doing so and putting thousands of little lines on the screen, I thought about the tasks of today. Today sees me putting Une Rose Vermeille into flacons. I am in a sense looking forward to it, as it […]

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fire cones and a jogging test passed

Today’s picture shows you a fir cone that I picked up in the nearby woods, while exercising, a sketch I did this morning before writing this post. It is the layout, the matrix, sketched with an electronic pencil, and I want to add color with an electronic brush later when I find time. If you […]

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sign on the wall

Today, I am going to talk about a sign on the wall. Nope. Not related to banks, nor exchange rates or mene tekels. It is a shiny metal sign that you find in Zurich at Spiegelgasse 29 since a couple of days. It tells everybody passing by or cruising along Spiegelgasse that Medieval art & […]