Inside Tauer Perfumes- daily picture

rainy cowboy land

Over the weekend, I took a quick time out, hiking in Swiss mountain wonderland. Wonderful! The colors of the season and the scent of the leaves on the hiking path and the green meadows and and and were amazing. These days, Switzerland is very beautiful, even when it rains (like it does today). It is […]

Inside Tauer Perfumes- daily picture

pump it up

“Take it!”, I said to my team mate in the perfumes factory. … It was a quick, very spontaneous picture. And it is one of the very successfull ones on Instagram. I guess folks get a bit tired of the shiny six pack world of instagram. Have a great start into your week. I will […]

Inside Tauer Perfumes- daily picture

Busy preparing Attar, Rose flash and Au Coeur Du Désert in the factory

This is a snapshot, unfiltered and raw, from one of the desks in the perfumes factory yesterday. We are putting a couple of things together these days: cellophane wrapping Rose flash from the tauerville line, filling uncounted bottles with Au Coeur Du Désert and in between taking care of some Attar orders by filling and […]

Inside Tauer Perfumes- daily picture

Tauer Perfumes picture of the day: Filling l’air du désert marocain

These days we are filling l’air du désert marocain into 50 ml bottles (actually: we fill 55 ml )

general thoughts

welcome to autumn

It got chilly. And colorful. Nice! Here in Switzerland, autumn made a sudden and energetic appearance. The temperatures dropped, there was a storm and the trees turned colorful. (when did that happen?….) It is the perfect season for all the warm and cozy offerings, like l’air du désert marocain or the wild strong Lonestar memories. […]