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Tauer MAG issue 05 and Les Années 25

Two days ago, I sent out the newsletter, announcing that the latest copy of the Tauer MAG , issue 05, is ready for orders (here). And I announced a new product with it: Les Années 25, edp, 50 ml, a limited edition of around 500 bottles.

Yesterday, I was asked “why the name Les Années 25”? Here’s why: 1925, there was an exhibition in Paris, called Les Années 25. The exhibition was all about Art Déco. I am a lover of Art Déco, although I do not collect things. But I like the esthetics of the time. So, I figured that Les Années 25 is a perfect name for a modern fragrance that is inspired by vintage scents of that period.

So, there you go: it’s as simple as that and lucky me: the name was not taken, yet which sounds like a miracle to me. The perfume: you need to try it. I say on the website “Fresh,light and with an old school depth at the same time: a modern vintage fragrance. The eau de parfum comes with great longevity, is unisex and enchants with balanced sillage. Notes: Bergamot, petit grain, orange oil, Indian ginger Bulgarian rose, iris, benzoin, oakmoss, tonka, sandalwood, amber gris, musk, patchouli, vanilla.” Clients came back to me, telling me that they like the vintage vibe of a fragrance that is not vintage. I offer the fragrance in 50 ml, in miniatures and samples. The last two together with the MAG, issue 05.

The MAG, together with Les Années 25: I look at it a bit as an installation. In the MAG we talk about vintage, too. Me, that’s Eddie Bulliqui and Persolaise. And I talk, together with my Italian distributor Roberto Drago, a bit about markets, from a historical perspective and the markets of today. The MAG comes with many pictures taken by Jonas Kambli, in a modern urban Zurich background. Originally, we wanted to go vintage there, too. But then we realized: that’s not the way to go.

The funny thing was: there were a lot of people passing by while we were taking the pictures. Many of them stopped and wondered who that person was. Ha!

Anyhow: I sent the newsletter out, got a ton of orders and say thank you. If you haven’t registered for the newsletter: you can read it here, too. Thank you!