what's up?

soon on my way

I am leaving shortly for LA, and during these last hours in Switzerland I prepare what needs to be prepared. Among other things: washing clothes. Yep, rather profane. So there we go: Let’s talk about washing my 501. When hanging my 501 up yesterday night, I suddenly realized that I have seen thousands and thousands of posts on Facebook. Posts where folks share what wonderful food they just cooked, with vegans publishing a bit more than meat tigers, or where folks let us know a deeper truth about life, like “do what you wish to do”,  or “eat right and mother nature will take care of you”, or cat pictures, or posts about art, or perfume….

But I have not seen and do not remember one post where somebody shares that they are washing their everyday clothes, and hang them up, eventually, or put them into the tumbler. I hang my jeans up, as we got rid of the tumbler a while ago. The picture shows you how. So, this is interesting. Could it be that most FB friends don’t wash their clothes anymore? Watching TV, I know that one of main worries of women and men there is getting clothes clean. And fresh, and fragrant. They talk about it on TV all the time. There, besides being food obsessed, mankind seems obsessed with their washing clothes result. The social media tells us that this is not true anymore for those who are populating facebook et al.

Modern facebook man has stopped washing his clothes mostly, it seems.

It seems as if there are two mankind on this planet: One fossil TV species and the modern facebook species.

Thus, hanging up my jeans, after turning them, I realize that I am probably on the fossil side. I turn my jeans before washing them, and yes, I hate it to turn them again when they come out of the washing machine, because they are wet and stubbly.

So you see: Even when washing jeans you can discover the world and learn about yourself.

Ah, and yes: I do not use a softener at the end of the washing cycle. Believe it or not: I use vinegar, to soften the water (and the clothes), as I do not like my 501 to smell like a gigantesc spring garden.

I wonder: do you belong to the clothes washing species or have you evolved already?