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4 coming in, 1 leaving for the moment

Today’s picture is a scaled down version of a 10 MB rose that is super dramatic. It blooms these days here in Zurich, together with a bunch of others, and the light shining into it and reflecting from the petals was spectacular. Actually, I took the picture yesterday, but today’s sky continues to pour light and hope over us.

So that’s good.

I picked the rose picture today to bring to you a sad and at the same time happy news:

PHI – une rose de Kandahar is out of stock now in full bottle size. Yep. All gone. And in an instance the Explorer Set size will also be gone. And the next batch? well… there is hope but uncertainty for Q3/Q4 this year. We will see. This scent, une rose de Kandahar, was an incredible success. I wish I knew what it was, really.

So there we go: 4 scent arriving in the 15 ml size (being Le Maroc, Rêverie au jardin, Vetiver dance and Zeta) and one leaving (PHI).

Finally, if you have a facebook account: I will uplodad the rose picture in higher resolution. I just love its color and surfaces. Have I told you that I love my flowers (sometimes) when they come around with drama?


And sometimes, I love their whispering. Stephan, a regular commenter, actually made a perfect comment the other day (on me getting organized for the Gardenia launch in September) “While I see the importance of coming up with a coherent way of presenting your latest creation “Gardenia”, I would love to hear more about the ideas behind it and the special characteristics you gave it. ” I guess, I will have to talk about it, indeed, but have not really decided yet, wether my gardenia is an opera queen or a jazz session under the moon.

So… I need some time there.