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6% Vanilla CO2 and you would not believe the mails I get

Today’s picture highlights the yellow label of Noontide Petals; the scent that I will fill into 200 bottles today. And put into boxes, at least some of them. Right now it is filtering which is a treat in comparison to the scent yesterday: Rose vermeille. Filtering Rose vermeille is a nightmare. Sort of. There, in Rose vermeille, I am using a carbon dioxide extract of Vanilla, that is rather waxy. The rose vermeille has 6% of this natural vanilla extract in its formula. I guess you have to walk a long way to find a comparable formula. For good reasons, almost nobody works like that anymore. Ah, and yes, the rose oil concentration in the formula is 1.7 %. Again: Forget to find comparable… Anyhow: The waxy, undissolved resin blocks every filter and you have to use all possible tricks to get it done. It takes for ever to get it filtrated. And often, I end up filtering it twice. But it is worth doing so.

And if you think you can mail me now and ask me HOW I do it: Forget it.  If I have a good day, I will send you a return mail. If not, then not. The reason: You would not believe how many mails I get on a daily basis where perfume lovers want to make perfumes, want to have other perfumes, want other ingredients, want to discuss toxicity of individual ingredients or complex formula, want information on how I do things. Quite amazing. And quite often in a way like “Hey dude, you make perfumes, congrats. I will try your line soon. But first I have a question. Tell me all you know about… Can’t wait for your answer. best,…”

I created a nice piece of paper a while ago, outlining my “consulting fees”. A pdf document that sort of reflects that me  thinking about other’s troubles and sending replies is work and actually should be compensated. So far, everybody who got this an email from me with this fee document stopped talking to me. Mission accomplished.

So anyhow: Today, it is Noontide Petals day. And here a few details on this one: 8 % Sandalwood , double distilled, s. spicatum. 1% tuberose absolute, the same amount of jasmine abs., 1.5% geranium Bourbon, 2% rose absolute. The later are the “petals” in Noontide Petals. Ah, I forgot Ylang: 1%. And rose oil (0.5%).  A word on these ingredients, though. Do not expect to really smell the tuberose absolue when spritzing Noontide. Picking these natural ingredients out of a formula is super difficult and you need to actually smell the fragrance next to individual ingredients to pick them out with your nose. Together, they form a different, larger petal. Abstraction and conversion is the name of the game here.

Ah, and yes: I forgot….8 % Patchouli, around 3% Boswellia serrata,  4% Irone alpha, but the later is totally synthetic, yet super yummy and expensive. It adds and supports much of the vibrancy and woody undertones.