making of

a box of fragrant stuff for Incense rosé

Yesterday, I got all the production bottles from the cold cellar, for the production of another batch of Incense rosé. Today, with all chemicals and raw materials on room temperature I will mix, and hence no condense water will be forming inside when opening the aluminum bottles.

These aluminum bottles look totally unsexy and unromantic, but they are incredibly practical. No light comes through them, aluminum is 100% inert and will not react, and they do not break. When we emptied them, I recycle them in the metal recycling.

The Incense rosé is one of the more complex perfumes I have, and I am always very happy when  I finished the mixing. The base is incredibly rich, and mixing it is not always a pleasure. These resins and oil can be to much and I always wear gloves.  Today our scent theater will feature heavy doses of incense (Boswellia serrata Carbon Dioxide extract), ambreine, vetiverol, labdanum resionoid, vanillin, myrrh, patchouli, cedarwood from Texas, and more….

Other tasks today: Finish the boxing of perfume for orders, doing paper work and doing a lot of excel work for price calculations in light of the EURO -£-$ -CHF exchange rate mess.