general thoughts

a couple of good news

heading off into a week, we do so with a couple of good news for the coming weeks. Hossa!

I registered for an aquarell class, hoping for some technical advice, and cheerful hours, starting end August. I can’t wait. Today’s picture shows you an aquarell that I did yesterday, after the usual Sunday half marathon jog, after chilling on the couch; basically it shows you just that: Me chilling.

It also stands for me having decided for a summer break, a biking trip, starting somewhen towards the end of the month. The goal: Chilling, and catching up, and getting ready for autumn’s busy schedule of launches and events.

For theses (launches and events), here’s the next good news: 500 boxed and packed Gardenia Sotto la luna in the factory. 400 samples, all ready. Heissa! These will start shipping in September.

While biking through middle Europe, there will be ample of time to muse about what’s next. For Sotto la luna it is clear and decided: Hyacinth will come autumn 2015 and my beloved Tuberose will follow 2016. But there’s more in the sketchbook of perfume formulas. I met with a dear friend on Saturday, presenting some (finished) experimental scents, discussing how they might fit and whether they are any good. You know, as a creator, you are always very insecure about your creations. Let”s say: Creators are worrying much too much. The verdict: Great stuff! Great! From a creation point of view these experimentals seem to be fine. Having said that: The market for scents, be they niche or not or indie or not, this market is oversaturated. Thus, I am not sure what to do. There is time.

I will have to make tough decisions there. Biking will help. That’s the plan.

More good news: I got the confirmation for a couple of orders that I needed to place the last few days. 5000 more bakelite tops will reach the factory mid August, from a factory in Switzerland. Imagine: Bakelite covers made in Switzerland, not in far east. Love that idea!  The same number of pumps for the  pentagonal flacons, and pentagonal blue bottles are more or less secured, too, and more sample vials. One of my biggest worries, not being able to fill bottles and ship them because one part is missing: Gone! Heissa.

Thus, we head into a week with stock secured, but -unfortunately-  no stable Azores high visible in the south yet; but we do not worry about that yet.