Give aways and goodieswhat's up?

A draw to win a sample set and today I give a speech

SUNDAY, July 3 :

THIS DRAW IS CLOSED. Congratulations to the winners: Kelley Vandiver, Anne-Marie and Susan (…

Thank you to all who participated and shared! I was fun and a joy reading all your comments.


Today, I will give a speech, at the occasion of a Zurich local excursion of the board of xyz.

I was asked whether I could talk for about 30 minutes and give a fragrant  impression of a start-up entrepreneur. I said yes and look very much forward to it. On one hand because I like to talk about how everything started ; I really love, love this story. On the other hand, because I am sure I can learn a bit by talking and reflecting on all the ups and downs and all the mistakes we did.

Mistakes, like (tatata! here comes the samples story again….) SAMPLES: When we started, everybody got free samples. You only had to fill a form (yes!) asking for a free sample. These times are over, most of the time, except when we do a little give away. Like today!

In order to celebrate today and how my venture and all and more started, I make a little give away. Just leave a comment, and I will pick the winner with, and the winners will get a set of discovery set. The winners will choose the 5 samples that go into a discovery stet. We ship this sample set for the winners for free, world wide, no questions asked except for your address. I will pick the three winners over the weekend.

As always: I do not store your address but will use it only for the purpose of shipping the samples,  nor do I forward it or sell it. More on our privacy statement: click here.

Thus, just leave a little comment, on anything,  and I will pick the three winners.

Today’s picture: A selection of scents and naturals that I will show today.