what's up?

a long weekend

Fragrant greetings from Zurich, where we are approaching mid January and where it is still grey but does not really feel like winter. Did you know: Switzerland has seen 2011 the warmest year since 150 year. And nevertheless, I am longing for warmth and light that is razor edge sharp. Thus, yep… I am on my favorite flight booking sites these days again, dreaming of far away places, and as I need to combine the desirable with the useful, looking into flights to LA for spring. Like every year around this time. I guess we all have these desires to get out of where we are. Even if -by objective standards- there where we are is wonderful.

Thus, I am looking in to LA for March. Or so.  Independent of that, I will be traveling during the upcoming (long) weekend, and will probably not post. For that I put a some stuff onto my ipad. I have I told you that I cannot live without it anymore? This flat little thing turned into a big enabler for me, supporting me in answering mails everywhere and in basically every position, painting pictures and writing up ideas; thus I will work on files and pictures and will carry on some fragrant trials and sketches with me while traveling.

Exploring trials means: Looking at the formula and the scent at the same time and try to make sure what is working, what notes are present, what notes are completely annihilated and what notes add to a fragrance’s beauty. Or rather: What they add to a sketch. Some of the trials are pretty advanced. I worked on them for months now. Some are rather new and more a skeleton than a fragrance. Traveling comes usually with time. Time due to waiting for machines transporting human bodies, time in hotel rooms without the distractions and obligations of home and office.

While I am writing this post, the W.-factor tries to deal with the Italian authorities or rather Italian atrocities, and insurances and police. The accident (where somebody crashed into us, on the highway, a simple and clear case, not the other way round) is still keeping us busy. Amazing.

But to be frank: I do not really care too much about Italian bureaucracy. I am looking forward to traveling somewhere else.