what's up?

a lovely hyacinth (again) and a tight travel schedule

There we are again: I got 5 fresh hyacinths on Saturday and enjoy their developing bloom and their fragrance. Thus, the picture of today is a quick scan of one of them, some dust removed with photoshop, but otherwise pretty “natural” and not photoshop enhanced.

I also sniffing a hyacinth sketch I made about  two weeks ago. I talked about this sketch, consisting of 20 or so ingredients here. I think I like it and will dilute now, that it has matured for two weeks. That’s about all I will do on experimental level today. I need to make more stock of a variety of samples, and box perfumes, and will do so later today, after I was successful in convincing myself to ride the bike. It is pretty chilly and the idea of getting onto the bike riding down the hill towards tauerville is not really inviting.

Furthermore, I will need to continue playing PR and come up with some text, after I played travel agency over the weekend, booking flights and hotels and trains for March and April and May. To be frank: March is going to be a  touch too much, and you will see Andy hopping  from Munich early March to Rome to New York to Paris and to Milano and then in early April to Paris again. You can expect more and all details on my travel schedules and the why soon.