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A sample draw and light makes all the difference

I am back from Rome and managed to get the mails done. Phew! First things first: The Noseday 2013 was just great. A wonderful occasion to meet and greet perfume lovers in a wonderful city (Rome) in a wonderful country (Italy) and to get in touch with colleagues and friends again. You find all the pictures here on facebook on Campomarzio’s Facebook site. Enjoy!

So that was nice and Rome was nice, too. I managed to squeeze in a day before and half a day after the Noseday in order to enjoy the vibes of this city that is so unique. The weather was very nice on Saturday, with some clouds, but the sun breaking through and shining on me who felt like a groundhog leaving his winter quarters for the first time: Blinking into a bright gentle sun. We started Saturday with a good coffee like you can only get it there, in Italy, and hit Fontane di Trevi, still pretty early in the morning, with few tourists on their and in way. Thus sun was just breaking through the rather dark clouds and somehow the light was very sharp and brought out the contours of Fontane di Trevi and the colors of its surroundings. The picture of today gives you an idea.


It is all about the light.

Thus, I am back, and continued writing some text for NOONTIDE petals that I started in Rome, mentioning aldehydes that bring light into a perfume. You see: The sun of Rome sort of inspired me. And I  started to send some of this text to some bloggers who will get a sample or two of NOONTIDE petals. And yes: I know…. I actually send the samples to them before you, my readers, can get them. Which is not entirely nice. There is a reason behind it: I feel that the story of tauer perfumes would not have been written without bloggers (and their readers). Thus, I wanted to share the scent with them and their readers, first.  I still expect that I can start offering samples in about two weeks from now.

OK. Thinking about it: Maybe it is time for a little quick draw for NOONTIDE samples, here. I will send a sample of NOONTIDE petals, fresh and shiny, to the winners of today’s draw. I will pick 5 winners. Who can participate: Everybody, except my fans from Italy (I cannot ship to Italy for customs reasons, mi dispiace! A side note on samples shipping: Technically, I can ship single samples to (most) of the world, but I cannot yet do so from my shop. Complicated, but take my word on it. We are still working on adjusting the shop allowing me to ship samples to the world again…a loooong story! But let’s enjoy that I can ship samples for this draw).

Anyhow: the draw is open for a few days and the winners will be announced here. You are in if you leave a comment here on this blog, entering a valid email address (thus allowing me to contact the winners by email) with your comment. Any comment is fine. For details on what I do and do not do with your private data: See my privacy information page here.  Yep, I think that’s all for today. Good luck!

Update: March 18 . The winners of the draw, picked using are:
Anny, Holly, Max, Caro, Lisa. All five of you got a mail in the meantime. Congratulations! And many thanks to all of you who participated and left lovely comments. Thank you!