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a simple word on marketing

Today’s picture shows you the male branch of the di Liello family, the gentlemen behind Campo Marzio, who make it all possible.: From left to right this is Fabricio, me, Valentino and Gianni.

They are the owner of Campo Marzio at Via Vittoria and the inventor of the store concept which is actually less or not only a store than more a gallery, a show case of selective, artisanal perfumery. You see: I do not need the n-word….

This show case is very dear to me. It tells the world in the middle of THE shopping district of Rome that even today artisanal and selective perfumes can be found. Yesterday, Persolaise referred a side aspect: That I bring up a some interesting points about how a perfume is marketed. Actually, this is half the truth. About a lot of things happening in the back I do not talk. This topic is huge, big, and quite delicate territory. I learned that  some perfume lovers are 100% not interested in learning how the industry functions. Sometimes, me and some perfume making colleagues refer to this fact as the “dream factor”. The dreamers wish to be undisturbed.

Let’s disturb nevertheless. Marketing perfume is like being at war. A war on the attention of the consumer. A still large part of this attention you get by the press. Beauty press and style magazines and alike. To get into this press you usually need to pay. Getting into the press without paying: You must be truly interesting. The other day I was invited to join a round table, on selective perfumery, to get together with the press (think the top 10 magazines). Of course, all perfumers were supposed to pay big money for their participation on the round table.

I do not pay and cannot afford to send $ to get into the press.When you open the next beauty magazine and you see a bit of text and a few pictures of perfume flacons: Always remember: A lot of $ for every line. Except the object of discussion is truly interesting.

This is why I am so grateful for every journalist talking to me, for every interviewer like Simone from  discussing with me and for every blog exploring my creations.