a spot in N+1 -dimensional space

a perfume is a spot in a N+1 dimensional space. With N=the number of different ingredients you choose. Where exactly in this N+1 -dimensional universe you find the perfume spot depends on the ratios along the axes. If sprayed and released from the flacon, this perfume spot  will travel over time along the axis in this N+1 -dimensional universe and will develop. Some spots stay like fixed stars. Some are very fleeting, some change, some are new, some are here to last.

When creating a perfume, you choose these N dimensions carefully and you make sure that the spot is there, where you feel it belongs to. And you make sure that it wanders through the sky in an orbit that you like and that is interesting. The art of fragrance design is: Placing the perfume spot properly in a universe that is almost empty. There is so much space for exploration. There are so many dimensions to choose from that you will almost always end up in uncharted territory.

Not everybody will look into the sky with these perfumes spots the same way. We all bring our package of memories with us out there. We are conditioned. We live in a context. We have expectations what we want and will see. all this and subjectivity add another dimension. Maybe this dimension is the most interesting. Thus, perfumes are spots in a N+1 dimensional space. + 1 is you.

Today, I share three reviews on the blogosphere with you. I recommend reading them. They are all  this +1 dimension and each leads you to a different place.


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