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a technical detail

Fragrant greetings to you all from spring wonderland where everything seems to bloom and thrive these days.

Days, by the way, where the little tauer factory produces a lot of ZETA. Thus, this is an educative post: Ever wondered how the juice gets into the bottles?

Here is how… see the picture to the left. It shows you my manual dispensing unit, number 2 (we have two these days). It sits on top of a 10 liter Schott glass bottle and the other day, the 10 liters almost slipped off my hands because I am always wearing latex gloves when working with perfume flacons  not to leave finger prints. It almost slipped but did not. Otherwise, tauer factory would need a little fix now.

In the new place where I will be moving in early June, we will put in resistant floor material. But whatever material you have, perfume tends to stick. The other day we have a  little bit of Orange Star on the stone floor in the basement (think 20 ml). We washed the floor, soaked the perfume up, washed the pads used for taking up the floor in the washing machine and trust me: my T-shirt came out white but with the smell of Orange Star.

Anyhow: The dispenser dispenses the perfume into the flacons. I always add a bit more (52 ml) to be on the safe side and as little extra. The biggest challenge when pouring the flacons: Not to fall asleep, as it is highly meditative.