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a woman in blue

I need to move on with a lot of projects, thus there was not a lot of time to sit and contemplate so far. I need to see that I can find some minutes to review my days in Russia. I might do so while you watch the 90 seconds movie that I did in the St. Petersburg Metro. The metro is a wonderful thing. First it brings you from A to B, second I got the chance to ride moving stairs like I never did in my life. At the bottom of every long moving stair there sits a woman (or a man) watching over the folks using it. Amazing. You are guarded and feel very safe down there. And the best: It is warm.

St. Petersburg was so cold! Although I brought a few really thick and warm pullovers, one even from the Swiss army, it got cold after a while. Thus, we ended quite quick always inside. Like in the Hermitage, which is simply amazing. So many pictures of Picasso, Renoir, Cezanne, ….. oh my. I need to get back there as I have only seen so little.

Actually, watching the “woman, seated, blue” made me think a lot. It is a picture with magic. We watched and asked us, what does it tell us?

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