general thoughts

a wow! morning

Good morning today, right from the factory. I was heading down here early in the morning to be up and ready for the glass fiber guys who want to install glass fibre. Not that I had asked for it: The fibre just comes and then it is up to us to decide whether we want it activated or not. I won’t because I have 4G, air.

So I am sitting here, writing this post, and wait as the cable guys did not appear, yet. Ah well: It will be a busy morning here and later in the afternoon will be another painting class.

It’s going to be a great day. It already started with the perfect sunrise, painting the far away mountains in gold. On the other side, there was the moon sitting in the neighbor’s tree.

Definitely a wow! morning.

When back home in the evening, if all goes well, I will make more Rose flash, diluting prediluted stock. Rose flash turned out to be a troublemaker, when going larger volume. The concentrate, without ethanol, is rich in solid matter and resins and sticky glue is what you could call the concentrate. No chance to get it all dissolved and aliquoted. Therefore, I had to do 50% pre-dilutions of the concentrate. I had this sitting for a while, making sure it all disolves properly and aliquoted part of it. This 50% super perfume concentration will need to go down to 20% (part of it already did). What’s 50% perfume like you might ask: Well, it is dark-red. It is amazing, beyond IFRA really, and a drop of it keeps you going for a LONG time.  Not that I want to offer a 50% perfume, really, but I can never resist there: Putting a drop on, just me, privately…. the heck!,  superperfume!