a ZETA review

After yesterdays blog post on trends that might come upon us or not and that we do not follow but rather set: Here comes a link to a post by Olfactarama. I invite you visiting  this lovely blog, make sure you take your chance to win a sample and enjoy a good piece of writing. Click here to get to Olfactarama.

And if you are fluent in German or if you like beautiful pictures of flacons from Tauer, of Vero Kern from vero.profumo or if you want to learn more on Nejma Perfumes, you might want to visit this month’s edition of the Sündhaft magazine . Click here to get there.

And if you are fluent in Italian: Here’s a lovely interview, published by Dominga Ciavarella. Enjoy (click here).

And today’s picture shows you what I did yesterday and today: Filling more ZETA flacons and packing them.