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about values

So here comes lesson two, figured out while watching home order tv,  announced yesterday: Core values. Super important. Especially for super small fishes like me, swimming in a pretty large pool with lots of perfumes and people dealing with perfumes.  Trust me on this: We live right now in a phase where a lot is happening in this pool. And as this pool is getting very populated, more populated on a daily basis, it is super important to remain very loyal to the values and principles that I (we) care for.

And it is very important to get the message out, that the world out there knows about these values that I cherish; or better: that we cherish. We= a few selected artisanal perfume creators, and our loyal fans and clients. There, when it comes to communicating these values, I have to do some homework: The little brochure thing that I want to get done in the coming days needs to focus there, too. I want to print a few copies for myself, not only for my Italian business partners: I do not really have any kind of  introduction booklet about myself and what I do and why I care etc. Maybe, one day, when I have a bit money left, I can do it super professionally, with the help of my designer, and come out with the perfect image brochure. For the time being, and as a test: We do it ourselves. Right now, once this post is online, I will be thinking about a few visuals (photos) and illustrations that I want to draw myself to give the brochure a bit of an artistic touch, too.

Having talked about values: Today was a day where I more or less unhappily or happily (very undecided there) said NO to an interview request by a respected blogger. I did so because of a previous post, where -without any intention to harm or bother me and other perfumers- I ended up in some sort of a game, a pitching game between two perfumers. So,  I said no to the question for an interview. Mostly because I wanted to make statement: I have values and what I have seen there is not really part of this coordination system of values of mine. I think there is so much out there happening  in the world of haute perfumery that we do not need these games.

Me not, for sure.

At some point one has to say no, or like my designer friend once said: Every chance is a chance to say no.

So, yes: I guess this was a serious post, but I mean no harm. Today’ s picture: A quick shot of a gardenia flower with my phone, seen yesterday evening in my house. It’s scent: heavenly. The queen of spicy mushroom cream!