Give aways and goodies

Advent and cookies

Today is day three of my advent calendar and I wish you a lovely start into your week. Here, in Zurich, I woke up under the most beautiful winter morning sky; the picture shows you a little bit of this moment when the sunlight breaks through.  So I hope it will stay sunny today, sunny over thick white snow layer. Snow fell generously yesterday and it got winter.  Quite romantic and inviting to spend your time in the living room with a steaming pot of tea, or cocoa, or a brandy that warms from the inside.

And it would be the perfect outside motivation to start baking cookies. Years ago, I was still doing lots of cookies for X-mas, packing them into tin boxes or nice bags and giving them as gifts for friends and family.

These days, I am packing perfumes into metal boxes, and wrap soaps into paper as gift for friends and family.

Thus, I have definitely moved from the cookies baking side to the cookies receiving side.

Thus, today’s question for the comments: Cookies, you make ’em or you get ’em? The prize of today’s draw in the advent calendar: A sample discovery set. The winner can pick 5 scents from my line, the samples are 1.5 – 1 ml in spray vials and they will come in a little tin box.

Good luck and have a lovely start into your day!

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