Give aways and goodies

Advent calendar day 17

Fragrant greetings from icy Zurich, where I have ice crystals on the balcony glass and fog in the air. Nice! It is day 17 of my advent calendar and you can (again) win a sample discovery set, shipped to the winner (picked by from Zurich, Switzerland. Good luck!

Today’s job: Getting the last PHI-une rose de Kandahar bottles out of my little factory, into boxes and send them off towards the end of the week into my warehouse shelf space in California, rented from Shipwire, from where they will start shipping early January. That’s the plan at least. Right now they are on backorder for shipment to the US. Again. And soaps need to be packed, too. I want to send some MANDARINES ambrées over the ocean, too.

It took me a while, to be honest, to make this step. The reason: Brand mark protection issues as there is a product out there with a similar name, with protection in the class 3, perfumes, and soaps,  and I wanted to make sure not to step onto their toes, so to say. The latest news there is: No worries! Which is a relief as I try to play the game fair and wish not to interfere with anybody’s rights.

Trademark protection is serious business. It is one of those lessons that I learned when getting into this industry. Perfume business is trademark business. Kind of “protect or perish”.

The smaller the more difficult, of course, as protection comes with a heavy price tag.

The solution: Come up with odd names like ALAJAHUDI, or long names, like “A sunny day in the Mojave desert at 4 pm with a cool drink and nice company”. Then you are pretty safe.

This name game is actually fun. Another one?