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Advent calendar day 2

Fragrant greetings and a lovely Sunday to you, where ever you are. Today is the second day in my advent calendar and I thank you for stopping by on my blog.

My childhood memories for this time of the year: Advent always came with specials that I would not get throughout the year. Special cookies made by mom, the Santa Claus visiting December 6, an advent calender on the door of our room where there was a little treat for every day to come until X-mas. Thus, today’s prize is something “special”, too. A fragrant soap, a tuberose scented glycerin soap that you cannot buy as product nor get anywhere else (yet).

To enter the draw: just  leave a comment, saying hello, and if you wish, sharing what’s your favorite scent in a soap. Thank you! I will pick a winner with tomorrow and will contact the winner by email. Thus, please make sure to leave a valid email address.

One word about soaps and Sunday: Usually, I use a lot of soap on Sunday. I try to jog every Sunday and my plan, usually, for Sundays is to work as little as possible, but rather soak myself in a hot steaming bath. Especially on cold days like today. But this Saturday came with a lot of surprises, among other things a flat bike tire, and a lot that I wanted to get done did actually not get done.

Like packing the Tuberose soap that still sits in my little 2 room factory. So…. happy soap packaging today! The picture of today shows you one folded and some unfolded wrapping paper for the soap packaging.

One final word on the scent: It is a tuberose that I composed specifically for scenting soaps, and it comes with natural rose and jasmine absolute to give it an extra depth and richness.

And do not forget: just  leave a comment here on this blog, saying hello, and if you wish, sharing what’s your favorite scent in a soap, and make sure to leave a valid email address.

A lovely Sunday to you!


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