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adventures coming

Dominik Dachs comes back again: When I was a boy, I spent hours and hours watching the adventures of Dominik Dachs and his friends, including Niki Tiki, following them when they traveled their little world. To get an idea (in Swiss German) of how lovely these characters are: Click here for the video on the Swiss TV website. Enjoy!

When I read the news today about Dominik Dachs coming back, I was instantly transported back to days where I was dreaming of getting out into the world and living an adventurous life. And guess what: Actually, in a sense, this boy dream has come pretty true. Not only that I was and am blessed to see parts of the world. I am also living quite an adventurous life. Or, like the W.-factor agreed the other day: I am actually living the life of an artist. Financially somewhat special, but with exciting projects and ideas everywhere. And happy me: I am not doing these projects myself. Like Dominik Dachs I have my friends and partners living these adventures with me, and the other way round.

In the coming days,  another adventure starts. Maybe I am not Dominik Dachs there, but more Niki Tiki, supporting Dominik. It does not matter. I feel it is going to be a fun adventure. I will talk more about Dark Passage, the fragrance. We will talk about a soap that I find utterly interesting, featuring interesting notes, among others Tuberose, and film projects and and and.

These adventures need some preparations. Thus, I get ready and need to pack my adventure bags. See you very, very soon again! Please stay tuned. Thank you.