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After this post I will be biking down to the factory. I am looking forward to it, as this weekend was spectacularly work free. Which is rare.

Or better said: What I did over the weekend did not feel like work really. I spent quite some time behind the easel with brushes, oil and watercolor, trying a couple of tricks and once I made my mind up I might be sharing this weekend’s “oeuvres”, but I am not sure yet. And I spent a good time in the office, in front of the computer screen, trying to figure out a couple of Magento stuff. Magento is an open source software, running behind many online shops out there. Open source means many things, it is free, and it is powerful. Compared to 10 years ago, when I started with Tauer Perfumes, this technology has advanced so fast and it always amazes me how this technology change changes everything we are doing here. And how easy it got these days. It feels like an invitation to start all over again.

When working on the desk, that looks exactly like in today’s picture (taken Sunday morning around 5 am), I was chatting with a fellow IT and perfume comrade, about this and that. This is what he said while we were chatting “…(I) believe that sophistication of customers is necessary. but current retail world is totally in mess.”

Yes. And no. Some retailers do a fantastic job and will (continue to) thrive.

And you know what: I think there is a link here, between technology advancing so fast and this statement. I am convinced that we will see more sophistication of customers and more mess in the world of retailing. And technology will be part of it.