marketing and branding


Yesterday was a super grey day here in Zurich. Rain pouring, cold temperatures, bad news:You name it! I was sitting in the factory most of the time during the day, filling bottles, answering mails on the side, and enjoying the whiffs of Orange Star emanating from the manual dispenser that I use for bottle filling: 10 liters, giving some 180 bottles as I always add about 4-5 ml more. After 20 bottles I was reminded of a deeper meaning of life, got bored and did a quick ipad sketch, of the first bottle that got a sticker. Usually I add the sticker when I am done with all bottles, but I made an exception for the sketch.

Home, later in the evening after -I do not know how many- mails- I got sort of tired and fell into TV induced stasis, watching for about 30 minutes the AHH BRA sales show on Quite an amazing accomplishment this Ahh Bra! Only finest European fibers were used to make it, one size fits all and  yesterday, if ordering two, I could get two for free. And don’t forget the colors: Lots of choice and only the finest color pigments used to make the colors last and shine for years to come. The Ahh Bra is made of from one piece of fabric, and feels very comfortable and is made from entirely non transparent material that feels very comfortable.

I think I learnt something again, yesterday. Actually I was reminded of a few things. Thus, this morning, when drinking the first coffee, after having screened the mailbox and after having surmounted that early morning fear of the social media, I checked facebook.  Eearly in the morning, before induced tranquility, the social media can be tricky. It is like coming home from a trip and opening the letter box. I get a lot of messages, which is nice, but early in the morning, you know…

Thus, I learned a lesson and opened facebook and realized that my background picture is the same since years, it is a sketch of a human eye,  and not product related or related to my craft or related to what makes me and my creations special. And my profile pictures is me from the eighties: missing the focus on today. Thus,  as much as I like my eye sketch and myself in the eighties: Time to implement the ahh bra lesson number 1: Focus. Facebook profile picture and background picture changed.

Tomorrow, we’ll work on lesson two: Core values.