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I am back after a couple of intense days, on the bike, in thunderstorms overnight in a tent that proved to be water tight and resistant to a storm with gusty winds, after a long! wedding and some work on Sunday. I thank all readers who commented on the last post, on the topic “sotto la luna”. I was thinking more about it on the bike, and the more I think about it the more I like the idea of a a line “sotto la luna”.
There is something very poetic in “gardenia sotto la luna” or “rosa sotta la luna” or any other flower under the moon. Thus, I will for sure continue thinking in this line. But to be frank: I am not hurrying to bring anything to the market these days. Hurrying to bring things to the market is wrong. I take my time and the next fragrance that will come the market is *LORETTA* from Tableau de Parfums, and in 2013 there will come 1, 2 scents that I discussed before. Thus, there is time to seriously consider a lot of aspects beforehand.

Acutally, I am looking very much forward to presenting Loretta soon. It is very different and twisted in a positive sense and I love this fragrance.

Anyhow, there is a poetic, a little sad, and a very evocative line in “sotto la luna”. And it is funny, in a sense, l’air du désert marocain is also using the imagery of “under the moon”. Back then, when I created the visuals going with the air du désert marocain, it was sketching a big moon, sitting on a dark, dark blue night sky without stars, illuminating sand hills of the Saharan desert in the Maghreb.

I did another quick sketch this morning, with the moon more in yellow and the sandy hills of the Saharan desert more on the red- orange side. You find today’s version on the left. I show you the original visual here:

Air du désert marocain, eau de toilette intense visual Back then, about 6 years ago, I was doing my visual illustrations in Flash.

Who knows whether L’air du désert marocain would be such a s success with a different name? Looking back 6 years now, it is actually interesting what could have been if the name was something different, like “Ouarzazate” or “l’oasis” , or “l’eau d’oasis” or something simple like “Orikatu” or “pour moi”…

I guess I will come up with other names for perfumes  today. Time to fantasize….: Right now, I am filtering 10 liters of air du désert marocain and in about an hour or so I will start bottling, pouring it in to bottles and put all the labels on and so. Time to stock up, again.