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Today, we will pour a lot of RÊVERIE AU JARDIN into flacons, because we see yet another mini boom for the Rêverie, and put the NEW  design wooden tops onto the top of the filled and crimped flacons. These black top covers are made from beech wood, by the way, by a family owned Austrian company, Leitner Design, and if you ever look for design and manufacturing competence in wood: Go there! The picture to the left shows you a prototype of the adjusted design. The new design is on top of the “old” design. We got rid of a wood rim and change to O-rings around the flacon’s neck to a thicker diameter and from now on: The cover tops stick. It sticks really well, without being to hard to remove. Actually, you need to turn them a  little bit in order to put them on top or getting them off.

But the bottom line: They stick better now. It was a little flaw that we corrected and praised be the W.-factor for he had the idea!

Other highlights of today: I will dilute my take on the “w0ody” Eau de cologne, after 3 weeks of maturation. You remember ? (if not: Here is the link)

My goal was to come up with a cologne that is a bit more on the woody side, leaving a gentle layer of cedar wood (Atlas variety, from Morocco) and a glimmer of rockrose. I feel this might work. If not, we will do it again, slightly differently. If it does: Then we smile for a moment. And will start with the next one.
I feel a cologne with a sandalwood allusion, and a hint of cinnamon or other spices might be wonderful. Or better even: an allusion of sandalwood with a halo of spicy rose oil. You see: I love, love, love working with neroli these days, a wonderful, yet highly expensive natural material. Expensive means: Yes, really expensive. It is the steam distilled orange blossom, the neroli oil, that lets an eau de cologne explode in expensive sparkles. It is so beautiful to work with.