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Amber flush

Tonight, I have to prepare the newsletter, wherein I want to announce that I will start finally! (By Nov. 1) selling the Au Coeur du Désert on my site, too. And the US retailers will start by then, too: I needed to wait as I could not deal with all orders at the same time. Bottomline: Exciting, and amazing. Amazing, because the tower of Coeur du Désert that I built in the storage room in the third floor shrank to a little Dutch hill. And you know Dutch hills….

In the newsletter, I will also talk a little bit about what kept me busy the last three days: Amber flush, perfumed body oil. I put this online last week and since then I am shipping these. The scent: A rich, woody, warm amber (amber being basically a combo of Vanilla and Cistus ladaniferus extract), to keep it simple). I am loving it.  The oil: Pure jojoba, organic, cold pressed, the best quality. No sunflower, almond or any other oil that goes bad over the months, and hence no stabilizers, no parabens, nothing.

It is available exclusively on under “specials” ; and yes…it comes without packaging, in a simple bottle but this might change midterm if you tell me that I should.