what's up?

an updated blog and a word on information 2.0

Yesterday, later in the evening Zurich time, my blog was down again. It was malicious code that brought it down, injected by whomever. With a few adjustments done by my super IT cracks it should be fine for a while again. When visiting the blog’s spam folder, heavily protected by a mental TEFLON suit, I feel like entering a trash bin placed in Dante’s inferno.

A mix of what the world seems to care about and where money is, from roulette, over physical things to mental treats.

But, we all know, what I find in my blog’s spam comments folder, is not the world. And if it is  a mirror of the world, then it is a distorting mirror. The world is larger and better than what I get in my spam folder.

The same is true to some extend in the social networks and information sources 2.0. It is a distorted reality we see. Serious information is right next to waste and trash. What worries me: All the information is taken  much too seriously and nobody seems to ask for sources and research done on a topic. Mash-ups, journal look alikes, take up news from sources without asking where the source got the information in the first place. You get your daily news in your twitter account, and with every retweet and facebook “likes” a story seems to be more reliable. But it must not be.

To pick out important and real from irrelevant and ignorant is sometimes difficult. Does it matter? You bet!

Anyhow: My day today will see me heading into the warehouse and production place and box more perfume. While doing so, I will try to think more on how to talk about perfumery and natural treasures and beauty of molecules, and how to explain my world.