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another gardenia flower

Here in the house of tauer, we face a bit of a white flower overkill. The jasmine in the basement is exploding in flowers and scent. And in the living room, the gardenia makes a new flower almost daily.

Not that I would “need” the gardenia reference right now. Sotto la luna is on its way, with the Gardenia being the first scent (think Q3 2014). So that’s done. And by chance, I got the WIPO confirmation that in the EU nobody objected the trademark “sotto la luna”, thus nothing really can happen there anymore. Gardenia: On the horizon…. But the gardenia bloom is highly welcome as distraction in between my writing of invoices and mails etc.

Today, I scanned a flower, on my super trooper scanner and I happily share two views of the same thing….

So you see: The scanner (picture below) is bringing the flower out super realistic. And the sketch brings out how I see this little twisted flower. The fragrance will be comparable, to the sketch, I guess.  An interpretation.

Gardenia scanned, on an Epson V600, and scaled down to 300px x 300 px.